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Safe fitness

Visiting pools, sports halls, fitness clubs, many do not know, and can not believe that fall prey to a variety of parasites, but rather skin infections. In fact, from it nobody is insured, especially if not to observe elementary safety rules.
As unpleasant as the feelings of the man picked up a fungus or other infection – do not go there, then do not…Treatment is also not the most pleasant experience, especially if you hit a prominent part of the body.

Different bacteria there are many. By the way, their total mass greater than the mass together all multicellular organisms on Earth. Its favorite habitats of parasites – where it is warm and humid. You may have guessed that we are talking about the locker rooms and showers...

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Evolution fitness

A little over 20 years ago, when fitness was just coming into Vogue, scientists and coaches adhere to a strict approach to training and nutrition.
It was believed that only a lengthy exercise, limiting the amount of calories consumed and a complete rejection of “harmful” products may forever rid us of excess weight and health problems. Today our view on fitness has changed markedly and become more multifaceted. It turns out to feel strong and healthy, to achieve balance and harmony, we should not abandon the joys of life.A typical way of fitness fans of the 80s. XX V. – a woman in a suit for aerobics and bright socks, not getting out from the gym – today seems absurd.

In our day to “be in shape” means to live a full rich life: get the fun of playing your favourite sports, enjoy the food, ...

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33 plus fitness

Each of us knows that exercise is a thing terribly helpful. If we Wake in the night and force me to answer this question – we definitely will reply:
“Yes, of course, gymnastics, Jogging, swimming – much better than sitting watching TV”. But if suddenly someone comes to mind to ask the following question: “And why is it important to do sports?” Most likely, we will be discouraged and will only be able to give a General argument like “It is good for health”.But really, what does fitness? Maybe it’s just one of the myths of modernity? In fact, we certainly don’t think so. Take a look on bookstore shelves – not the one of them standing on the sport and the benefits that they bring to classes. Each sports discipline, each set of exercises deserve undivided attention...
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What is the fitness?

Outset: the fitness do not exercise, although this is the word that immediately comes to mind at the mention of gymnastics, strength exercises and loads of other sports that are an integral part of fitness. The concept of “fitness” is much broader than the alternating tilts and sit-UPS, Jogging or daily pool. And very well: it is unlikely that most of us have kept warm memories of school PE lessons or gymnastics production.
Fitness (from the English “to be fit” – “be in shape”) is the active lifestyle that combines exercise and proper nutrition.It gives people a great feeling and the mood, improves the appearance and improves health.

The word “fitness”; fitness first clubs emerged in the United States. But the very idea of fitness is not new – it dates back to the era of antiquity...

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What to do in a fitness club?

So in the short term to make the body slender and beautiful, you need to choose the right fitness program. What to choose? The wealth of choice bewilders not only the beginner.
To lose weight fast, you can use:

Cycle – an imitation of a group road race on stationary bikes. Here you will have the opportunity, together with other participants to experience the real load road race. This direction developed in the early 90’s American cyclist John Goldengem on the basis of the control of the heart.

Cycling helps to lose weight in record time: energy of 750 kcal per hour and there is no need in exhausting training. Torsion of the pedals in the “hard – easy” quickly gives her thighs, buttocks and calves a nice shape. Trains the cardiovascular system, the pressure comes back to normal...

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