What to do in a fitness club?

So in the short term to make the body slender and beautiful, you need to choose the right fitness program. What to choose? The wealth of choice bewilders not only the beginner.
To lose weight fast, you can use:

Cycle – an imitation of a group road race on stationary bikes. Here you will have the opportunity, together with other participants to experience the real load road race. This direction developed in the early 90’s American cyclist John Goldengem on the basis of the control of the heart.

Cycling helps to lose weight in record time: energy of 750 kcal per hour and there is no need in exhausting training. Torsion of the pedals in the “hard – easy” quickly gives her thighs, buttocks and calves a nice shape. Trains the cardiovascular system, the pressure comes back to normal. Sessions on stationary bikes also recommend that women with early stage of varicose veins.

Flexibility and grace

Flex – training, based on the technique of “Pilates”, using the best achievements of such programs as: “Fitness – yoga”, “Bodyball”, “Callanetics”, “Stretching” etc. the Main feature of FLEX is a comprehensive work on the body. Exercise improves muscle tone, develops flexibility and coordination, improves posture, movement makes plastic. Improves posture, joints gain mobility, and ease the body. Instead of separately to swing back, press, legs, you can train the entire body at once. This technique causes the circulation of energy in the body and its accumulation. FLEX is the perfect Supplement to daily training, the exercises typically included in the complex of General aerobics.

Beautiful thighs and buttocks

Step aerobics – rhythmic movements up and down on a special step platform. Depending on the complexity of its height varies. Exercises develop joint mobility, form the arch of the foot, train balance and allow you to burn large number of calories. Step aerobics beautifully enhances the shape, especially the shape of drumsticks, thighs, and buttocks.

Get ready for a surprise: the lesson starts with simple basic movements, but after several metamorphoses he reaches such heights that not even dreamed of!

Maintenance mostly recreational purpose and for pleasure

Water aerobics classes in the water using its resistance. It has no contraindications, except for serious diseases. Such exercises are less traumatic, but giving a load three times greater than on land – by overcoming the resistance of water. Additionally there is the hydro-massage effect, which is useful for skin and for cellulite.

Such classes could be conducted both in shallow and in deep water. The latter is particularly co-ordination, as you have to keep balance (do this using hydroboat or tube of light plastic). Sick people, with overweight or non-swimmers to do a better job at a shallow place, relying on the bottom of the pool. Pool sessions are equally suited to young and athletic women, the elderly and sick. Recommended expectant mothers and all who wish to recover faster after injuries and operations. Water aerobics is especially suited for beginners, as well as varicose veins.

Slender legs

The dancing is a little known secret to fitness. Only with the help of dance can make your legs really thin. Our feet bear a few dozen muscles. And each has its function! Conventional exercises provide the load on all muscle groups.

Experts in the field of dance fitness assure that the notorious breeches formed just for the reason that we don’t dance! We need the dancing to the right and to the left, pirouette and jump! Here then will be working all the muscles to the smallest, and your feet will gradually stroynet for example beauties-dancers.

Calorie expenditure on such training is not very different from the calories on a normal workout. Only half an hour of movement to music, and you turn into a Queen of beauty: eyes are burning, the skin glows crimson, nowhere is taken erotic grace, the mood jumps!

The harmony of soul and body, excellent posture

Yoga is a proven ancient practice of personal development through physical improvement of the body and inner harmony. Exercise helps to normalize the psycho-emotional state, increased energy potential, develop strength and flexibility. It is a practical philosophy based on understanding our common humanity. Yoga classes develop strength, flexibility, endurance to physical stress, raise energy levels of a person, i.e. the person simply starts to feel good. Increases immunity, improves excretory functions and metabolism. The person becomes more stable, gets rid of complexes, dependence on unfavorable external factors.