33 plus fitness

Each of us knows that exercise is a thing terribly helpful. If we Wake in the night and force me to answer this question – we definitely will reply:
“Yes, of course, gymnastics, Jogging, swimming – much better than sitting watching TV”. But if suddenly someone comes to mind to ask the following question: “And why is it important to do sports?” Most likely, we will be discouraged and will only be able to give a General argument like “It is good for health”.But really, what does fitness? Maybe it’s just one of the myths of modernity? In fact, we certainly don’t think so. Take a look on bookstore shelves – not the one of them standing on the sport and the benefits that they bring to classes. Each sports discipline, each set of exercises deserve undivided attention. You probably read or hear about the benefits of physical exercise almost every day. It is time to systematize these scattered information and bring them together in one small article. Just so that you can navigate the issue and decide for themselves what are the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are especially valuable.

After all, any exercise is good in its time, intended for each something of their own. The main thing you should remember – the reasons why you personally do fitness can’t be “good” or “bad”. Actually, the reasons are not important in principle. You don’t need “excuses” to others, telling them why you prefer rowing or, on the contrary, Nordic walking whether you decide to lose weight or just don’t want to “keep up with fashion” – no one the right to judge you. And you do for yourself. For your own good. The value has only one thing – the actual fact of your exercises.

Take a look at (possibly incomplete) list of those advantages, which are rich in a healthy lifestyle. Maybe even a simple listing of advantages of fitness will inspire you. If you find at least one item that will motivate you to join the ranks of athletic, neat, energetic people, you will already have decent reason to begin to engage and pave the way to their own health.

The heart is the “engine” through which our body operates. Vessels – our “pipeline” that delivers blood from the heart to every remote corner of our body. What benefit they get from fitness?

1. Regular exercise can help you lose weight, particularly fat (the load on the heart is decreased.)

2. Your body “learns” to raise to maximum the level of oxygen in the blood, therefore, all the internal organs will get more oxygen. It would be beneficial for their functioning and disease resistance. The blood vessels become more elastic.

3. Your heart rate at rest will decrease, because the heart will be able to throw in the body more blood at a single stroke. Consequently, when you will relax, the heart will be unnecessarily active.

4. Blood pressure will go down or not change will be uncontrolled. This is especially important for hypertensive patients.

5. Will decrease your odds of mass. It is the ratio of body weight in kilograms by the height in meters. The higher the ratio, the lower the physical health and longevity.

6. Decreases cholesterol levels.

7. Decrease the level of fatty acids in the blood.

8. Will increase immunity.

9. In principle decrease the risk of heart diseases.

10. Increases insulin sensitivity, prevents development of diabetes.

11. If you are forced to run fast or to climb stairs – the heart won’t overwork. Will decrease the likelihood of a heart attack.

Our body is a unique system that should be supported in working condition, to ensure that she was okay. What fitness has to offer in the field of slowing aging?

1. Regular exercise will increase your muscle strength.

2. Increase your capacity for prolonged work.

3. Your bones will become richer in minerals that will help to prevent osteoporosis.

4. Will increase stamina.

5. Increased metabolism will reduce the risk of obesity.

6. Your body will become less susceptible to physical injuries and damage.

7. Resolved problems with joints.

8. Being a strong and healthy person, you will be able to lead a very independent lifestyle.

9. Your balance and coordination will improve.

10. Reduced risk of cancer of the rectum.

11. Reduced risk of breast cancer.

And finally, last but not least in importance is the mental balance and mental health. Good mood is a pledge of victory, a fighting spirit is half the battle. What helps fitness?

1. Regular exercise will reduce your anxiety level.

2. You will be able more effectively to avoid stress.

3. Your confidence and peace of mind will increase.

4. Possible depression will be migrated much easier.

5. Your appearance will be above all praise.

6. You will learn to quickly and deeply relax, therefore, will be able to relax “in full force”.

7. You will understand the beauty of teamwork, and to adequately evaluate their own strength and their ability to fight and win.

8. If you smoked – you will be much easier to quit this dirty deed.

9. Suffer from migraines get relief.

10 . Your sleep will improve, will become deep and relaxed.

11. The immune system will right itself.

As you know, this is only a schematic description of the use of physical education. I have no doubt that each of you find something to add to the list. Go for it! Stay healthy and have fun.