Safe fitness

Visiting pools, sports halls, fitness clubs, many do not know, and can not believe that fall prey to a variety of parasites, but rather skin infections. In fact, from it nobody is insured, especially if not to observe elementary safety rules.
As unpleasant as the feelings of the man picked up a fungus or other infection – do not go there, then do not…Treatment is also not the most pleasant experience, especially if you hit a prominent part of the body.

Different bacteria there are many. By the way, their total mass greater than the mass together all multicellular organisms on Earth. Its favorite habitats of parasites – where it is warm and humid. You may have guessed that we are talking about the locker rooms and showers. Of course, the fungi from the air do not grow, and entered with dirty shoes, or move from infected people and waiting for you, Yes, Yes, you! Footwear is also a good place for bacteria, especially sweaty sneakers in a tightly closed package.

Even germs can easily be at the gym, which last time took place when disinfection is unknown. And here, for example, in the pool (in the water) the probability of catching a fungus is very small, because the water is chlorinated and concentration of microbes is obtained is very small, and the body still resists harmful bacteria.

Places of penetration of parasites in the human body not so much. Basically infection occurs through the feet. You walked by microbes and are now on the feet, then in socks and boots. Wounds or cracks on the legs really make it easier to parasites.

If hands to take up the infected subject, it is possible imperceptibly to place the microbes anywhere, for example, in the head. And you can wash your hands and nothing ‘caught’. Of course, there are still microbes of different aggressiveness. Some will infect you very quickly (itch), and others will have to try to occupy part of your body.

Safety rules

1. Always wear personal slates in the locker room/shower/pool/sauna.

2. Never wear other people’s shales in these areas.

3. Feet and hands definitely visivite thoroughly with antibacterial soap.

4. Often pay attention to the condition of your feet.

5. Don’t place sneakers-flops “sour” in a closed space, wash them more often.

6. Use anti-bacterial insoles that are sold in pharmacies.

7. In the gym podlivaya towel under yourself if you without a shirt; use gloves that will protect you from calluses and germs; don’t forget to wash the gloves.

8. You need to wear socks every day fresh and preferably organic.

9. The appearance of fungus, do not self-medicate, consult a doctor immediately.

If you will perform the listed rules, the probability of catching a fungus will be zero and you will be playing sports and not visiting dermatologists and pharmacies.